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Naaz Studio offers pro-certification hair and make up course and personal 1-1 makeup classes for your individual growth.

Finding your passion in the makeup industry is certainly exciting on its own and pursuing it can be even more exciting. While pursuing a career in the makeup industry is exciting, getting started can be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the training requirements and other important steps to become successful. Every successful person has been labeled a beginner at one point or another in their career or passion. So, why should you feel any different? Starting is usually the hardest part of any process, Why delaying it more ? Take our pro- certification course to make your passion and dreams comes true.




Wearing makeup showcase the sense of self-care, which makes you stand out from the crowd. Best of all, the reasons to wear makeup is that It gives you the extra bit of control over your skin that you deserve. Your skin will look outstanding and you feel better about yourself when you use makeup in the right way. The beauty industry of today has been positively bombarded with easy-to-follow beauty hacks, pro-styling tips. If you’re interested in honing your past knowledge of makeup basics, this makeup courses will provide you with the adequate training to create tremendous looks for own self.



Our certification course will help to develop your natural talent and passion for makeup and prepare you for a career path doing makeup for fashion shows, weddings, photo shoots, television or work as a freelance makeup artist. As makeup trends are always changing, so the looks taught will vary with what is popular at the time. However, you will be taught the basics of a full Glam look: highlight and contour – cream and powder, eyebrows, eyeliner, fresh dewy skin, lashes, smoky eye and glitter to name a few.




For the hair classes, the focus will also be on bridal styles. The first day is a down do and working on how to set rollers as clean as possible and learning how to keep your curls clean and fly away free. The second day’s style is classic bridal fishtail braid, with lots of detailing. On the third day I teach a clean low bridal bun and the final day, I will do a classic romantic reception style bun. I will also teach you how to customize these styles and combine different areas of each to create dozens of different styles.  

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